What can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment suitable for anyone from babies to the elderly and from the acutely ill to the chronically ill.

The World Health Organisation recognises acupuncture in the treatment of the following conditions http://bit.ly/2FpDij


The first visit at Angel Acupuncture Clinic

At our Islington clinic we will review your medical history and work with you on a plan for improving your health and well-being with acupuncture. To do this the acupuncturist relies on questioning, listening, inspection and palpation. We will then explain to you the results of our assessment.

A course of seven acupuncture treatments at our Islington clinic is often recommended to initiate a significant improvement. In some cases less sessions may be required and in other more deep rooted problems a longer course may be required. It is all very personal and it is impossible to predict the number of sessions required without an initial consultation with the acupuncturist.

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